Shadow Low Profile Shower Trays – Homestyle Bathrooms

I must say the Shadow low profile shower tray from Homestyle Bathrooms is an exquisite choice for shower rooms with a height of just 80mm, the removable steel grate covering the high flow waste outlet would take away enough water for even the highest flowing power showers.

As with all Homestyle products the Shadow tray is manufactured to the highest standards in an acrylic sheet with a polished top surface.

Available in 5 Sizes from 1200 x 700mm up to 1600 x 800mm to fit most showering areas.

Guaranteed for ten years.

New from Bette Flush Shower Tray

Bettefloor Bette's new wetroom floor solutionBette have long been known for there Emamel products they manufacture steel baths and also they have been making shower trays from the same enamelled steel always in high quality now a new Release to attempt to catch up with the wetroom designs.

Bette Floor with the absence of a trip hazard not only makes showering more comfortable and convenient for people of all ages but also offers a further advantage by creating a particularly spacious feeling. Experience the new dimension of flush-to-floor showering! The elegant steel/enamel FLOOR shower area nestles down flush to any floor without lips and with an invisible slope towards the drainage outlet.
It is available in 25 sizes from 80 x 80 right upto 170 x 90 which should cover most senarios.
BETTEFLOOR sets standards in the individualised design of bathrooms and showers. In addition to standard white and other common bathroom colours, BETTEFLOOR now offers for the first time four other colour worlds with a matt surface effect: anthracite, beige, grey and brown, enabling the shower areas to be perfectly matched to different tiling and floor trends. The warm pastel tones, for instance, can be excellently combined with wooden floors.It is available with the Betteglaze finish for a long lasting easy clean shower room which is environmentally friendly as there is no need for cleaning materials or with Bette’s antislip which has been in use for many years which is a quartz sand fired onto the enamel surface