Led Shower Heads – Rio from Crosswater

 Crosswater’s Rio Led Shower head will defiantly impress your guests, a new experience for all with the coloured lights appearing to move around the streams of water, It is 400mm in diameter mains powered and comes with an electronic key pad that controls the 96 LED lights with 12 different program modes.

The shower head is made from Chrome plated solid brass and is an ultra thin design and manufactured from the highest specification. It requires 3.0 bar pressure as a minimum pressure.

The Crosswater Rio Led shower head comes with a 15 year Guarantee.

RRP £2499.00

Salamander Pumps – to boost your shower performence

When it comes to shower pumps the Salamander RSP 50 is a good choice as it is quiet and reliable, out of all of Salamanders ranges of booster pumps I think this is the cream of the crop, Why I hear you ask? Several reasons, it’s centrifugal so it is quiet, it’s 15mm pipe connections so its just perfect for a standard thermostatic shower valve and small shower head, it’s flow rate is exceptional for a 1.5 bar pump and it’s cheap.

With lots of other pumps available in their product ranges they do have more powerful models for more demanding applications.

RRP £240.88.

Cheap Power Shower – New Team 1000 XT £145.00

We are going to be doing some shopping for you to save the hours of searching we have found the cheapest branded Power Shower on the market. The New Team NT 1000 XT thermostatic power shower is our credit crunch buster, it comes with a 3 mode spray shower handset a 10 liters per minute flow rate.

We have found it for £160.00 delivery is £7.98 on Tapstore.com.

2 year Guarantee.

So if you are after a power shower on a budget then that is defiantly a good bet.

Large Shower Heads – Power to your Wet Room

I think this 600mm Shower head is large enough even if you are lucky enough to have to have to right space to do it justice, for a 600mm in diameter shower head you would need at least a 1.2meter wide shower area to make it sit well in the wet room environment.

At only 4mm thick this sleek shower head is the ultimate in minimalism, it can be fitted with a ceiling arm or mounted up close to the ceiling.

A shower heads go there are not many that will cover both your head and shoulders at the same time.

RRP £978.00 Best Buy Tapstore.com £782.00

Bath/Shower Screen – Square Function

I have been having a sneak look into Tapstore’s newest addition to there up and coming expansion of products their Square bath shower screen which will be launched in November they have carefully selected three styles of bath screens the square the square extension which has an extra section to extend the length and a curve the same as the square with a rounded corner.

The experience the Tapstore team have in the bathroom industry always sets themselves apart from other online retailers, they are not just a company of internet tech heads, Paul Smart (development director) has been designing bathrooms for some 25 years now and with the experience of the other senior members of the tapstore board behind him there is a powerful team that always know what products to select.

Although they would not let on how much the RRP will be I have been told sub £200.00 that will be a splash in the face to the competition.

The Complete Shower – From Bristan

The Prism shower pole with fixed shower head, handset and body jets an all in one showering sensation, With a thermostatic shower valve a 200mm shower head, two adjustable body jets and a slimline shower handset it has all you will needs for your showering area.

With this Prism shower you can use the powerful overhead shower or use the shower head and body jets together or if you do not want to get your hair wet then just simply use the rub clean shower handset – the choice is yours. And with the separate controls it means you can select your temperature and flow levels to suit you.

It is an easy to install unit with a just add water style fit, the concept is that you will save a lot of installation time and money but get the function of a separate shower valve, head, body jets and rinse handset and if there are any future parts in need of replacing its all surface mounted so another task to deal with.

RRP £1568.00 Best Buy Tapstore.com £1064.00

Shadow Low Profile Shower Trays – Homestyle Bathrooms

I must say the Shadow low profile shower tray from Homestyle Bathrooms is an exquisite choice for shower rooms with a height of just 80mm, the removable steel grate covering the high flow waste outlet would take away enough water for even the highest flowing power showers.

As with all Homestyle products the Shadow tray is manufactured to the highest standards in an acrylic sheet with a polished top surface.

Available in 5 Sizes from 1200 x 700mm up to 1600 x 800mm to fit most showering areas.

Guaranteed for ten years.