Bathroom Heated Towel Rails – Diana

With the Diana heated towel rail you get the style and design all in one package that will last for years to come, The simple rounded rails and square appearance of the Diana will make an immediate impact in any bathroom. This handmade brass with a high quality chrome coated towel rail gives an excellent heat output, more that a steel towel rail and will not rot in years to come. Being made from brass it is suitable for all plumbing systems direct or indirect and will stand the test of time.

RRP £876.00 best buy £613.00

Autumn Showers – SL3 Deluxe Multifunction

When it comes to high quality showering for a reasonable price the multifunction showers come into there own. they are the easiest showers to install by far, all that is required is to have a hot and cold water supply and then all the working parts are surface mounted, thus reducing plumbing costs.

This shower from has all the quality you would expect from their products at a very good price that includes an 8″ fixed shower head which is adjustable in height, it has rub clean nozzles and is fitted with a ball joint for tilting, the handset is sleek and minimal  and comes with a neat bracket to store the shower handset when not in use.

The ridged riser comes with a diverter to switch easily between fixed shower head and handset.

The shower valve itself is made of such a high quality that it will hold the temperature +-1°c the solid chrome on brass handles are smooth in action unlike the inferior plastic handles that so many shower valves come with nowadays, It has a built in safety feature of shutting down if there is a cold water failure.

Designed to be used with a shower pump or mains pressure system this showers performance will not let you down.

RRP £599.00 Best Buy £285.00.

The Sussex Range – Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Jis have long since been producing the Sussex range of Stainless Steel towel rails like this stunning Arun as shown with a towel hanger attached, why pay more for stainless steel?

Stainless steel produces up to 25% more heating output than a Chrome towel rail, also it does not rust as most towel rails on the market today are made from mild steel with either a chrome or white finish they will eventually rust and in untreated heating systems quite quickly.

All of their models are available in three formats central heating/hot water, electric or dual fuel and are suitable for use in any plumbing system including open systems.

Guaranteed for 25 years.

Best Buy prices from £524.00