Shower Booster Pump for under £100

Shower Booster PumpThis 1.5 bar twin shower booster pump is a great deal quieter than most of its rivals and boasts a centrifugal design which gives great all round performance if you hurry it is available from for just £99.00, there is also a 2.0bar version available for£119.00.

Both come complete with 4 x 15mm flexible connection hoses, and power lead.

This pump is continuously rated unlike most of its rivals.

Pumps both hot and cold water at the same time.

Why not power your shower with the TS 50 Click here for more details and to buy. or to buy the TS 70 2.0bar Click Here

Use to find a retailer and installer.

Choosing The Right Shower Pump

salamander-ct-50-regenerative-shower-pumpBuying a shower pump is not easy nowaday’s, Here is a quick guide to help you choose.

There are two different types of shower pump centrifugal and regenerative, centrifugal are quieter and more efficient, regenerative are cheaper and easier to install.

You should choose the pump based on the size of the plumbing pipes where it is going to be fitted, i.e if you have 15mm pipes where the pump is to be fitted then use a 15mm pump and if your pipes are 22mm then use a 22mm pump. The pressure of a pump should be matched to the equipment it is pumping too, If the product states that it requires 2.0 bar pressure then purchase 2.0bar and above shower pump.

salamander-rsp-50-centrifugal-shower-pumpTry to plan the pump installation so that the pump will be sited as close to the hot water cylinder as possible, if you are fitting the pump in the loft or above the hot water cylinder regenerative pumps are a better solution as they tend to be less effected by the air that can accumilate above the hot water cylinders.

Top right Image is a regenerative Salamander CT50 contract shower pump and bottom right is the Salamander centrifugal RSP50 centrifugal Shower pump.

Salamander Pumps – to boost your shower performence

When it comes to shower pumps the Salamander RSP 50 is a good choice as it is quiet and reliable, out of all of Salamanders ranges of booster pumps I think this is the cream of the crop, Why I hear you ask? Several reasons, it’s centrifugal so it is quiet, it’s 15mm pipe connections so its just perfect for a standard thermostatic shower valve and small shower head, it’s flow rate is exceptional for a 1.5 bar pump and it’s cheap.

With lots of other pumps available in their product ranges they do have more powerful models for more demanding applications.

RRP £240.88.

Whisper Quiet Shower Pumps

Techflow have the quietest shower pumps on the market with their QT range of centrifugal pumps, Designed for today’s high quality shower market, its build quality is second to none and will make sure you get that all important invigorating shower you deserve.

With three models in the range from the QT45 a 1.2bar a QT80 the 2.3bar a QT120 3.3bar models you will get the booster pump performance you require for every showers on the market.

These products are built in Sussex UK and are now available to buy online from with free delivery on all orders to UK destinations.