HIB Acoustia Bathroom Mirror Clock and Radio

Bathroom clock mirror and radio

Hib Acoustia Mirror Clock and Radio

Radio Star Acoustia by HIB is a bathroom mirror which has a clock and a radio with LED back lights. Is it a gimmick “no way” explained my wife then I thought how many times she shouts “whats the time” from the bathroom as she squeezes every last second out of her relaxing bath away from the kids.

I like the landscape design and the neat bevelled edges to the mirror, the LED lights are good but you would need background lighting as well, and being LED they do not need any maintenance, the clock well its a standard 24 hr clock with a sleep timer and a alarm.

Remote control

Hib Acoustia Remote Control

With the built in radio which is FM and stereo speakers with auto tune and a 10 station preset memory, but the bit that is essential is the remote control (see right) which I can see my wife relaxing in the bath tuning in and not shouting at me as a bonus.

The width of the mirror is 800mm with a height 600mm.

You can buy the Radio Star Acoustia mirror clock radio for £293.00 by clicking here.






Aluminum Back Lit Bathroom Cabinets

Tapstore have now launched their aluminum bathroom cabinets with back lit double sided mirror doors, These high quality German manufactured cabinets have a timeless design with clear shape, the carcass is made from brushed aluminum with a chromed metal contrasting framework and complete with double sided mirror doors these features make the Aluminum bathroom cabinet a highlight in every bathroom.

This cabinet features chromed metal handles on the mirrors, wide opening doors that provide a perfect side view and innovative hinges which ensure easy usage and finally the back lit doors modern lighting sets everything into the right place.

Size: 1050mm wide x 750mm high x 175mm deep.

RRP £1099.00 Tapstore.com £879.01